Cognitive Capture

Tools and Services to Test Efficacy of Narratives

Content Testing

Neuroscience companies have long promised to enable product marketers to access the instinctive, non-conscious reactions to marketing stimuli and other content that focus groups and traditional methods are not able to capture.

Now, for the first time, a neuroscience research firm has developed a metric that is proven by research to predict indicators that measure attention to and liking of marketing content across a huge audience, using a cost-effective and nimble sample size.

Neuromatters has pioneered the use of Inter-Subject Correlation (ISC) - which measures how in sync audience members' brainwaves are with each other - as a measure of the extent of audience attention to a given video stimulus. Academic research has shown that the ISC of a very small sample has astonishing power to predict the reactions of very large audiences to marketing stimuli and other video content.

If you are a product marketer, advertising agency, or marketing research firm looking to test or evaluate audience reactions to your video, or choose among different versions of your video based on which one grabs the attention of an audience, contact us at

Or, for more information, read our contest testing FAQ.

Cognitive Storyboard

A Software Suite for Comprehensive Neuroanalytics of Narratives

Once analysis is completed, results can be presented scene by scene on the Cognitive Storyboard to observe how synchrony measures modulate within each defined scene within the clip.

To see how these markers modulate over time, the Neuromatters video player shows how the time-resolved synchrony traces and scalp projections change within a multimedia clip.

The Cognitive Storyboard will allow storytellers to directly infer the audience neural response to salient events in the story, providing them with the tools to create more engaging and compelling narratives.